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Work Better

Focus At Work

Have your company’s workman’s comp insurance or health care expenses been increasing? Would you like to prevent these costs from rising? Would you like to improve your employee’s performance and productivity, while at the same time improving your profit?  If so, one of our corporate wellness services may be right for you.

Injury Detection

With a simple investment of just “a minute a month” and “a few cents” per employee, the online SOLVE Survey systematically identifies, tracks, and resolves the causes of muscular-skeletal disorders (MSDs) before they become a financial burden. Get ahead of the curve with New Life.

Onsite Training & Therapy

With right-sized onsite services, appropriate help is readily available when it’s needed. Convenience, control, efficiency and economy all speak to a favorable return on investment. Keep your most valuable assets productive.

Ergonomics and Functionomics

With Functionomics™, the possibilities to resolve human-factor challenges just got greater – and less expensive. Worker specific solutions rebalance worker capacity with work demands by accommodating a worker’s weakest link.