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Move Better

Movement Therapy is indicated for anyone seeking to improve their quality of movement.  Most times we are unaware of movement inefficiency until movement becomes symptomatic. We specialize in the Applied Functional Science (AFS) approach, which looks at how all the parts of your body work together and helps us identify where the inefficiency is that is causing your discomfort.  That allows us to address the cause of your dysfunction and not just treat the symptoms.

Movement is an act of changing physical location or position.   Think of this as a sequence of segments (your body parts) within a specific task – a task YOU select or demand. That task can be anything from stair climbing, getting out of bed, to playing recreational or professional sport.   If the sequencing of movement is efficient then you usually feel great.  If the sequencing is off, you may not feel symptoms initially, but eventually the body will begin to protect itself and react with pain, discomfort, aches and stiffness that lead to compensations and decreased ability to perform.