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Sandra Katafias
Focus PT is the BEST! I have been a patient here for many years and the treatment and care that Julian and his staff offer is top notch. They have helped me get mobile after two surgeries as well as staying pain free when minor tweaks from activities I love to do pop up. This is the only place I recommend to my family and friends when they need PT.
Philip Schmidt
I have been to Focus Physical Therapy over the years for a variety of medical issues. Each time I have had great success in resolving the issue. One of the things that is constant is the high quality of care and attention you get on a personal level. This includes the office staff, the therapists, and the PT assistants. I also like the fact that the program is designed to heal your body naturally without medication. A special thanks to Laura, Grace and Rachael!!!
Patricia Yeckel
Focus Physical Therapy in RSM was very helpful in taking care of me for a few months earlier this year after breaking both my ankles in a freak ski accident. My main therapist was Shannon, who was very patient and caring, and made sure we started out slowly so I could feel successful and then progress faster later. The other therapists were good as well as all the assistants who would help with directing my exercises. The business is well-run and I am happy to recommend it for anyone who needs Physical Therapy. Since leaving, I have had the confidence to continue on my own with daily walking and physical training, moving toward the level of fitness I had before the accident.
Rosario Cadiz
Focus PT is the best in their field. Julian and staff are kind, caring and skillful at what they do and always carries them with a smile. Laura Ward’s knowledge and expertise had helped me much with my long time lower back and sciatica problem that i am now pretty much close to full recovery. And not to forget Rachel’s and Mark’s always cheerful welcoming greetings are a plus. A big THANK YOU to all of you! Congratulations Julian for having a good and dedicated crew! For sure Focus PT will be highly recommended.
Tiffani Duncan
Focus PT provides me excellent care to help me with my lower back and knee pain. I feel the attention to isolating the triggers for my pain and providing the correct exercises specific for me has been very helpful. I really appreciate the individual care and expertise. Plus the whole staff is very friendly and the facility is very clean. I have seen others physical therapists over my life and this place is the best!
Melissa Boswell
I simply cannot day enough great things about Focus Physical Therapy. From the therapists, the aids, the reception, the immaculate facilities, the highly personalized care plan… it was an absolute JOY to be there! Without a doubt it is the most professional and well-run physical therapy organization I have ever encountered. I have had several knee surgeries and I have been thrilled with my care there.
Paul Kamholz
Focus PT can be trusted. I walked in with shoulder pain and difficulty even closing my car door. I walked out less than 40 days later with full range of motion. Julian clearly understands the body and methods to remedy what ails you. On top of that the entire staff is intelligent, warm and kind. I strongly recommend Focus Physical Therapy
Chris Zehnder
Absolutely fantastic place! Julian and his team were so helpful. I had chronic knee pain for years and thought I had severely injured it. I read that physical therapy can work wonders even for severe injuries… so I gave it a try. Was amazed to find out that specific movements and foam rolling was all that was needed to fix this (the pain was severe and I thought there was something substantially wrong). What I really appreciated about this whole process was that they are willing to go through the effort to teach you how to resolve your pain at home. The physical therapy they provide in the office is great, but the fact that they give you the resources to fix while at home is exceptionally. HIGHLY recommended.
Amir Pirbazari
Came to Focus PT because I was having some discomfort in my knees while at the gym doing leg workouts, and it was beginning to bleed into my everyday life such as recreational soccer/tennis and even just walking up and down stairs. My first day there, Julian explained exactly what was up with my knees and we put together a game-plan to get me back to a level of comfort to where I could live a healthy, active lifestyle without any discomfort! During my time there I learned a lot about the human body from both him and Olita, and was given a lot of guidance with getting back to the level I wanted to be at! Now I’m enjoying my recreational sports and back in the gym! Thank you Focus PT! Cannot recommend them enough, extremely knowledgeable and friendly team!
Claudia Walder
As a healthcare professional myself, I can confidently say that Focus Physical Therapy is the best physical therapy I’ve ever experienced. After 3 sessions I felt a remarkable difference in reduction of pain. I am so grateful to my Therapist Julian!! The facility is modern and meticulously clean, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. They value the safety of patients & staff, and I feel safe & at ease during my treatments. All of the staff work together as a team and they have an organized system from the moment you walk in the door. The mind set is super positive and makes recovery so much more achievable!! Focus Physical Therapy has helped me reclaim my health!
Jack Mills
FOCUS offers personalized PT in a very relaxing environment. Julian and his staff are top notch in every regard. They also enjoy an excellent relationship with OC/LA physicians!
Bob Robles
I was very satisfied with my rehab at Focus PT. Olita was excellent in developing and executing a treatment plan for my knee. I would recommend Focus to others seeking treatment.
Tommy Nowell
Very professional staff of therapists! Relaxed and productive! And great informational class on neuropathy! I now have tools to keep physically healthy for many years. Thanks to Olita and all the staff!
Kim Baccellia
Love this place! After my ankle injury, I went to two other physical therapy places with no results. After a friend recommended Focus Physical Therapy, I went and was highly impressed. They have hands on treatments and also staff that not only are experienced, but listen to your concerns. My orthopedic doctor also shared how impressed he is with my recovery. My physical therapist Otila is wonderful. Highly recommend.
Marina Shalaeva
I had wonderful experience at Focus Physical Therapy being treated for my left ankle post surgery and arthritis issues. The hands-on treatment by Olita eased the pain and stiffness in my ankle. Now I could walk better, go down the stairs and even sleep better. Olita prescribed me special exercises that strengthen my feet. The therapists helping with exercises are also very caring, patient and kind. First, Olita would do a deep massage in the ankle and calf area and it gradually releases the muscle tension that was brought by pain. Next, having the ankle muscle relaxed by the massage, I would do special exercises to increase flexibility and build the strength in the ankle. And the last part was the ice applied during electro stimulation of the painful area. The ten cycles of that treatment made a huge difference in my ability to use my left foot without pain. That is my second time at Focus Physical Therapy. I was treated here by Olita 2 years ago and had very good results and decided to come here again. Moreover, I live in Dana Point and it is a half an hour drive each way for me, but it is entirely worth it. Olita is very knowledgeable and attentive therapist and cares about the patient. The entire team, from the receptionists to therapist assistants have very high standards in caring for patients, work effectively and very well organized. It is a pleasure to be treated at Focus Physical Therapy.
Gina Vincent
Two notches above their peers! They truly know the body, how to assist in the healing process, and listen. I recently needed pre-op PT. I went to another local practice because I thought all PT was equal. Within 2 sessions I realized I was wrong. And with the advice of my nurse, I fired them. Thankfully, I found Focus Physical Therapy. They are a 5 star operation. They offer private treatment rooms, highly skilled PT’s & PTA’s, and above all they listen. The first place wanted to build the muscles. They did not listen and could not properly access that it wasn’t strength I needed. I needed to relax the muscles after an accident. Focus immediately saw the need to give me relief from the tightness and addressed the issue quickly. I could immediately feel the improvement.
Lilia Hazlett
Dr. Dean and the staff at Focus Physical Therapy are great! I took my daughter for PT here and they helped with her shoulder injury. Dr. Dean and the PT assistants are very knowledgeable and nice. My daughter enjoyed doing PT here and I would recommend this office & staff for sports related injuries. The young ladies in the front desk are very friendly and kind too!
Lauren Thum
This is by far the best physical therapy office you could ever go to! Julian is amazing! He has so much skill and knowledge to help you improve and make your quality of life better, not to mention he is funny! I first came to him 5 years ago in a wheelchair and now I am walking completely on my own and have gained so much strength with his help. The whole rest of the staff are also great and very friendly!

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