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Is Your Pickleball Injury Holding Back Your Game?

Look No Further – Relief is Here and it’s waiting for YOU!

Have You Tried Everything To Find Relief For Your Pickleball Injury, But Feel Let Down?

Don’t sacrifice the lifestyle you desire over problems that can be fixed.

If you got injured playing pickleball and are tired of the pain holding you back — then you’ve not only come to the right place but the BEST place. 

Keep reading to discover why your pickleball injury isn’t getting better and what you need to do to be back on the court in no time…

It’s about time. 

It’s time for you to get back to yourself

Because of your limiting injury, you can’t partake in the activity you love…pickleball.

Because of all of this…

You don’t feel like yourself. 

You feel held back. You feel stuck

You just want to get back out there, and feel confident about your body. 

If that’s you — We’re glad you’re here because we are eager and ready to help. 

It’s time to solve this problem. And Focus Physical Therapy will do just that.

You don’t have time for temporary solutions anymore…

It’s true. You’ve already missed out on enough. 

Maybe you’ve tried…

And what’s the problem with these? 

They are temporary solutions

They won’t actually get you back on the court any faster.

Clients have told us multiple times about how they’ve tried these options — only to be met with temporary relief and disappointment. Sure, the pain goes away, but soon enough it’s back to limit them from pickleball—AGAIN. 

Here’s the thing—We’re NOT about temporary solutions. 

We know how precious your time is. We know temporary relief isn’t ideal—so that’s why we want to prevent you from making these mistakes. 

This is where we can (and will) find you permanent relief from your pain. 

No more frustration. No more limiting yourself. No more missing out. 

With Focus Physical Therapy, you will get the relief you’ve been tirelessly searching for.

A pickleball injury wasn’t in your plans. 

Now, you can’t perform normal movements and activities like you were able to prior. 

You find yourself wincing in pain when you lift your arms over your head. 

When the rest of your friends are getting together to play pickleball — you can’t join in on the fun. 

Maybe pickleball is your main outlet for exercising and now—you can’t even participate. Not only that, but other exercises are now difficult to perform, as well. 

That’s a problem. 

You’re an active individual and being limited from what you love is a problem. 

But it’s a problem that can (and will!) be solved. 

We want you to get back to yourself – the you before the pain took over and became an obstacle. 


Because you deserve it. 

We want you back on your feet comfortably and enjoying your life — not suffering and accepting your pain, especially when you don’t have to. 

We here at Focus Physical Therapy know that there is a solution to your pain. 

And we will get you to that solution. 

Interested to learn more?  — Ask us about our cost and availability and let’s get talking – for FREE! No money lost – only information and help gained.

When it comes to your life, comfort, and activities — you shouldn’t have to hold back.

Still not convinced?

Still not convinced that we’re the best option to help solve your injury and guarantee the much-needed relief you’re looking for? 

You may be thinking – how does Focus Physical Therapy set apart from the rest? 

We’re not like the other guys who just tell you to try a pain pill, new exercises/stretches, and then the problem is solved — no. We’re better than that. 

We get to the very root of the problem. We ask questions and listen to your answers—all while working closely with you to ensure you’re performing the correct techniques allowing you to relieve the pain for GOOD

And we have the best of the best physical therapists to help you.  

That’s right. You read that correctly — it’s time to relieve the pain caused by your pickleball injury once and for all.

And most importantly… 

We don’t believe in temporary solutions to your pain.  

We educate. We let you know right off the bat that changing your racket, medication, or resting won’t change anything. 

Even if you feel temporary relief, the problem is actually still there. 

It’s essential to you and your health that you choose the best provider for your injury. If you don’t, the potential to wound up even more hurt than before becomes possible.

Why take that chance…

…when you can avoid that at all costs when you book with us? 

With us here at Focus Physical Therapy, you will work with a provider who looks deeply into the root of your injury. We figure out WHY it started in the first place while we treat the pain that’s stopping you from doing the activities you want to do and living the life you want to live. 

We do this because we don’t want temporary solutions for you — we strive for permanent ones. And we get them. 

That’s right. PERMANENT

We’re here for you. To help you. Because we want you to succeed. 

And with us, you will

Don’t waste any more of your precious time living in unnecessary pain and missing out on your favorite activity. 

It’s time for us to help you get back to yourself and the game you love.

NO more missing out on your life —

Ask About Availability and Cost today to learn more and let’s get the conversation started. 

No referral necessary.