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Newsletter – October/November 2022

Julian’s Pizza-Filled Trip to Italy

A few years ago, my wife and I traveled to Florence, Italy, for her 40th birthday. We wandered up and down the crooked streets, craned our necks to look at the terracotta dome of the Duomo Cathedral, and ate as much pizza, pasta, and gelato as humanly possible. The entire trip was amazing, but one of the highlights for me was our couple’s cooking class ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Our New PT Assistant

To join our office as a PT or PT assistant, you have to pass a series of informal tests. One of the most important is a practical exam — and our new hire, Junoe, blew Julian away when he completed his this summer ... CONTINUE READING

3 Outdoor Halloween Attractions Guaranteed to Spook

Halloween is just around the corner. You’ll soon have trick-or-treaters approaching your door requesting a healthy share of candy. Before then, you may want to go out and feel the thrills of the season yourself, but maybe you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the cramped spaces of haunted houses. You don’t have to step indoors to experience a spooky attraction though. There are plenty of outdoor Halloween attractions to check out, and below are three of the most thrilling ... CONTINUE READING

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