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Newsletter – Oct/Nov 2023

Discover the Beauty of America’s National Parks This Month!

Although summer has been long gone, the fall season has never stopped my family from visiting our favorite national parks. While California weather usually stays the same year-round, national parks around the country are turning shades of orange, red, and yellow … CONTINUE READING

Why Fitness Experts Are Steering Away From Crunches

To say crunches are not fun would be an understatement. Repetitive and sometimes downright painful, this exercise has been touted for decades as the primary way to strengthen your core and get those picture-perfect abs. Well, new research suggests that statement isn’t 100% true. In fact, most trainers and fitness experts now discourage people from doing crunches. When done incorrectly, which most people do, you can cause damage to your spine and neck while gaining few to no results … CONTINUE READING

Use Your Garden’s Fall Bounty for Home Decor!

If you have a backyard garden, you may find yourself looking for new ways to use all the crops you’ve grown. After all, there are only so many pumpkins you can carve, seeds you can roast, or squash you can spaghetti … CONTINUE READING

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