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Newsletter – June/July 2021

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Here in South Orange County, we’re practically swimming in Olympic history. I think about this every time Games come on TV like they will at the end of this month. The Mission Viejo Nadadores Swim Academy, where Olympic gold medalist diver Greg Louganis trained, is only a few miles from my house. I also live just a couple blocks from Florence Joyner Olympiad Park. It was named for Flo-Jo, the famous track star from California who won three gold medals and one silver in the 1988 Olympics. She also took silver in the 200-meter dash in 1984, when the Summer Olympic Games were held practically outside my
front door.

According to my neighbors who have lived here in LA forever, some of the cycling events from the 1984 Olympics took place on the streets around my house ...CONTINUE READING

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