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Newsletter – Jun/July 2022

PT Can Help Save Lives

Years and years ago, when I was just starting my career as a physical therapist, a patient came in with a type of shoulder pain that totally confused me. I ran all of my normal tests, looking for positive and negative responses that would help me treat his injury … but the results were all over the place ... CONTINUE READING

PT’s Fix for Golf and Tennis Elbow

Summer is the season for golfer’s and tennis elbow. If you’ve ever experienced them, then you know just how odd it feels to have stiffness in your elbow that won’t go away. It’s painful and confusing — what causes all of that tension ... CONTINUE READING

3 Dreamy Northeastern Hiking Trails

Want to feel like you’ve stepped into a lush dream? You don’t need to travel too far to experience truly stunning outdoor adventures. The U.S. has plenty within our borders! Here are just a few, located in our Northeastern states ... CONTINUE READING

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Julian Manrique

Focus Physical Therapy

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