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Newsletter – February/March 2022

The Smart Way to Diet (If You Want To)

I epically failed at dieting — twice. But before I tell you those stories, I should probably clarify that I’ve never gone on a diet to lose weight. Both of these diets were more about eating better, feeling good, and getting all of the nutrients I needed ... CONTINUE READING

The 3-Step Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Do your hands and feet ache? If they hurt or tingle even though there’s nothing visibly wrong, you could have a common but overlooked condition called peripheral neuropathy ... CONTINUE READING

Swap Fish for These Substitutes!

If you made New Year’s resolutions for your health, there’s a good chance “eat better” is on the list, including adding more omega-3s to your diet. These fatty acids have a whopping 17 health benefits, such as fighting heart disease and Alzheimer’s — that’s probably why doctors often recommend them ... CONTINUE READING

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Julian Manrique

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