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Astym Therapy — Is This Treatment For You?

Find out how active adults can naturally relieve pain and muscle tension from scar tissue, tendonitis, stiff joints, and more without nasty side effects.

Are you tired of living in pain?

Are you frustrated with trying method after method only to be met with temporary relief?

If you relate, Astym Therapy might be the perfect treatment for you.

Astym Therapy is a treatment for the person whose pain just won’t go away.

Do you have trouble with…

…And have you tried countless solutions, but nothing seems to be working? 

Maybe you injured your elbow during a great game of golf. 

Or maybe you have chronic soft tissue pain or restrictions that make daily movements difficult. 

Now, each movement you make is carefully thought out – living in fear of making the pain worse than it already is. 

And, not only that, but the pain is preventing you from getting out there on the greens. 

If you relate — Astym therapy might be a great fit for you to help you get back to feeling like your active self without restrictions.

What is Astym Therapy?

Astym therapy is a treatment that uses specialized instruments that help with remodeling scar tissue. It stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself — which allows for a faster recovery. 

It’s a proven method that has been developed and tested by major hospitals and universities. With over ten thousand documented real-world outcomes, this treatment delivers reliable results. Certified Astym therapy providers achieve a 96.5% success rate. 

Unsure if this is the right fit for you? 

That’s okay! Ask us about our availability and cost by filling out this form which allows us to get to know you and your pain while seeing if this treatment could be the right fit for you.

What Will Astym Therapy Do?

Astym therapy…

If you’re living in pain and looking for a natural, scientifically proven solution — look no further.

Ask us about our availability and cost and let’s get the conversation started to see if this is the right choice for you. 

It’s completely FREE to ask about availability and cost and fill out a form today. This allows us to get to know you and your pain while also letting us see if Astym therapy will be the best treatment for you. 

Don’t allow pain to rule your life anymore. 

It’s time to take control and get back to YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions on Astym Therapy Services

On average, an Astym session is about 15-30 minutes — depending on your condition or injury. Most conditions resolve after 4-5 weeks of treatment and therapy.

Astym therapy helps countless people each day. However, deciding whether it’s right for you can only be determined by being properly evaluated by a trusted medical professional.

The treatment you receive should always be within your tolerance.